Friday, 9 January 2009


Ok, I read some columns in newspapers about practicing art in other languages. Not only art but also basic things like talk, read, write, etc… in several languages, mainly in English.

Basically they were saying something like: “If those people don’t care about practicing art in Portuguese like singing, for example, we will never be able to export our culture and language for our own good.”

Ok, being obstinate to keep us close and to not allow anyone else to have contact with our culture just because it was made on our territory it isn’t right. Everybody, even from foreign countries, has the right to understand and enjoy our culture. If sometimes we need some selflessness from the others, we must show them our altruism and desire to give the good things we produce.
If an artist wants to share his product with the rest of the world just for earn some more money, why not? He has the right to do it as the rest of the world has the right to enjoy his art.

We must act like a different country, which is in the same world as the others.

Foi ou não foi um post assim para o intelectual?
Foi pois.